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Our Mission

"Koppert's mission is to be the most preferred partner in developing and marketing pollination systems and integrated pest management for protected and high-value crops, by being a reliable provider of innovative, effective and top-quality solutions."

Dutch cucumber grower Jan Koppert first began experimenting with predatory mites to control red spider mites in 1967. That pioneering work laid the foundation for modern day biological pest control, and sparked a multinational company that still leads theindustry, even after 35 years.

Today, Koppert Biological Systems BV is the worldwide leader in the research, development and production and natural pollination products. The company's state-of-the-art production facilities and laboratories work together, maintaining the highest quality standards. Today, Koppert has facilities in the Netherlands, England, France, Italy, Spain, the Unites States, Canada, Mexico, Turkey and Slovakia. But despite its size, Koppert remains a family business whose primary concern is assisting growers with crop pests and pollination needs.

With state of the art production facilities in Howell, MI Koppert Biological Systems, Inc. (subsidiary of Koppert BV) has grown as the largest producer/supplier of pollination hives in North America.