bumblebee pollination
Nature’s Perfect Pollinator

Successful fruit set is essential in agricultural crops. Native to the Americas, bumblebees have evolved as far more effective pollinators of native plants than alternative insects.

Bumblebees are less sensitive to low temperatures, low light intensities, unfavorable weather conditions, and use a method known as buzz pollination when visiting flowers. Bumblebees are capable of improving fruit-set and fruit-quality. Good pollination and fruit-set depend on a number of factors, including plant structure, nutrition, pollen yield, environmental conditions, and the presence of sufficient numbers of pollinating insects. The effective period for pollination and fruit-set only lasts a short while, and during this time an active efficient pollinator, such as bumblebees, is a must.

Koppert Biological Systems introduced commercially reared bumblebees to North America in the late 1980’s, enabling growers to utilize the benefits of this “perfect” pollinator. Koppert commercially reared bumblebees are easy-to-use and are virtually maintenance-free. Growers are finally able to rely on a pollinator for complete pollination, resulting in higher yields of more uniform fruit.