bumblebee pollination
Customer Testimonials

" Our blueberries yielded much more this year than the previous yield average. Bumblebee pollinators from Koppert were an important factor in that yield increase. Thank you!!"
Neil Horning-Plow Creek Farm

"We had a cold wet spring and the bumblebees worked in all the bad weather. The honeybees stayed home."
Ron Goll-Goll's Blueberries

"Great Pollination! Doubled my crop." In a follow-up conversation, Sam indicated that his sweet cherry crop saw a remarkable increase in yield, and what was previously a relatively low grossing crop was now considerably more profitable."
Sam Brown-Crooked Run Orchard

"They get the job done. With our cold springs, Koppert bumblebees are out there flying and visiting flowers when nothing else will. With honeybees, the blossoms have to be pollinated more than one time. They just don't do the job. Bumblebees hit them once and they're gone to the next blossom."
Jon Antil-Harmon Mountain Farms

"I had good pollination last year with minimal amounts of honeybees. You can tell pollination by the number of seeds in a berry. Every berry I checked was just loaded. Our numbers last year were greatly increased. Barrels to the acre were up probably over 50 barrels."
Greg Schwartz-Indian Hills Cranberries

"Great Pollination!
Doubled my Crop."